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Good thing it has heaters

It was raining and very cold weather when we celebrated the father’s birthday last year. But still we pushed through the plan to spend it at the resort where there is pool as requested by the kids. Also, for the nephew to enjoy the water since he is not allowed to swim at the beach because of his sensitive condition. Despite the very cold weather because it is raining, still the kids wears their swimming attire. When we arrived at the resort, the kids go directly to the pool to swim. They were surprise when they touch the warm water from the pool. Oh well, kids are kids they are just so innocent to those simple things. They are so curious why is the water is so warm despite the rain and the cold weather. I just explained to them that the reason the water is warm is because of the electric pool heaters. The heater that puts in the pool to make the water warm and for us to not feel the cold. The pool birthday celebration of the father was a memorable one. Good thing it has heaters because the kids did enjoy the warm water in the pool.

I was doing updates to my blog when I suddenly feel lonely. The house is so quiet because they are all sleeping because of the heavy rain. Though I am used to quiet night because I can think fast of what to write because no one bothers me. But tonight is different. I do not like the ambiance of no one making noise around. I thought of getting my mobile phone and play the music on the radio. One of the reason why I bought this kind of cell phone so that I can play it and listening to music anytime I want.

I am glad I have my phone to serenade me while I am writing posts for my blogs. I tuned it to my favorite radio stations that played love songs from the 70’s and 80’s. It is good to hear my favorite songs from before while doing my updates. It makes my brain works a bit fast. I am writing and singing at the same time even if I do not have good voice. It feels really good listening to my favorite songs played in the middle of the night. Makes me feel in love over and over again. Indeed, musics gives me the feeling that I am floating in the air. So perfect feeling for the love month.


Communication services you would like

In the world today were we can make a conference in local and international, it is best to have a communication services especially if the company is doing a meeting with their staffs. When conducting a conference meeting, teleconferencing services is one services that you should try. It is for global audio, web and video conferencing. There is nothing more you could ask for because they got the best ever services that will satisfy you. Your conference meeting would be a successful one because this services is very much effective to communicate domestically and internationally. You would surely love this communication services for it is good for the environment also.

A tempting offer..

It has fell so many times already that is why my mobile phone is not in good condition. Sometimes there is display and sometimes no display. So sad because this happens when I am out of money. I cannot go to a shop to have it repair because I do not have budget right now. It has been my mobile phone for years already maybe I needed to buy a new one also. But not the right time for me.

This morning when I visited my sister to their house, she told me that there is an agent who went to their school. It is an agent who offers a postpaid plan with free cellphone. It is so tempting because the phone is so nice and it is for free. All I have to do is to pay monthly bill amounting to 300 pesos (Philippine money). I am tempted to get one since I needed a new mobile because the old one is giving me pain in my head. Going back home, I am thinking if i get a new one. But decided not because I have my internet monthly bill. Getting a new mobile will only add another burden for me. I will just let this offer slipped away because I cannot afford to pay additional bills. Sometimes we have to let those wants slipped away for us to not be in so much expenses to pay. I just hope that this offer will come back when I have some extra to pay another bill.