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The newly wed

It is my brother’s dream to marry the woman he deeply love. The dream has come true because last week they tied the knot last week. He and his girlfriend have been in the relationship for seven years and it is about time to settle down and have their own family. Even though they have been in relationship for seven years, still we are surprised when the he told us that they are planning to settle down. It is a surprise for the family because we do not have budget to support the brother. As a family, we do our very best to give our support to the youngest in the family.

The wedding is over and we are very happy that we are able to give our support to the brother. I can see the smile of the newly wed during their wedding day. They were both very happy to the point of crying. Yes, the wedding was very emotional for the couple because of the sacrifices and trials they have been through. Indeed love conquer all because despite the hindrances and the trials, they are able to be together at last. To my brother and my new sister-in-law, congratulations and best wishes!

25th years of bitter and sweet

My cousin and her husband celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary last April 20, 2013. It was a big event for the couple because they will get married again to renew their vow of marriage. It was their children’s idea to get married again on their 25th years of bitter and sweet. Though we are not that close compared to my other cousins, I can tell that the couple did surpass the 25 years of quarreling, crying, smiling and happenings. Well, those are parts and spices of married life. Their successful children are proof that they indeed a parents that everyone is dreaming to have.

Almost all the relatives have the part in the ceremony, including my nephew. Unfortunately, we did not able to come and witness the ceremony because we came in very late. Because the ceremony is finished, we went directly to their house. Just like before, we get to see aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews and closest friends. It is sort of reunion. That’s makes the day a very memorable one.

Anyways, I want to extend my congratulations to my cousin and her husband on their 25th wedding anniversary. May God bless you both always and more life to live together. I am looking forward on your golden anniversary.

Happy 66th years

A week ago, the family celebrated the 66th birthday of my father. It was a double celebration with the nephew’s christening. The sister intended to have double celebration since the birthday of father falls on Sunday. On his special day, we went to the church to attend a mass. Also, the father offered a thanks giving mass for his 66th birthday. The celebration was a memorable for the father because his friends were there celebrating with him. Because he is not allowed to drink anymore, he just entertains his friends and offers those drinks.

The father is not perfect, but he is special to us. He is our strength because our mother passed away 23 years ago. I thank God for the 66 years of life He has given to my father. On my father’s 66th years, I wish him good health because he is always sick these past days. I wish him long life, so that he can enjoy the days playing with his grandchildren and more bonding with us. Lastly, I wish him all the best in life. Also, I pray that the father will be more patient. Though it is understandable of him being sick because of his age, I still pray that he won’t get very sick. Happy Birthday father and God bless you always!

The high school reunion

I love to attend a high school reunion because I get to see my high school friends and school mates. It is good to see them once again now that we are a bit older. I like to know their whereabouts and get to know our life after the graduation. Anyways, four years ago I attended our high school reunion for the first time. Aside from I wanted to see my batch mates and friends, I also like the venue of the event. It was an overnight celebration at the pool. I love to swim, so I went with one of my closest friends. The program and the games lasted for two hours. And we can go to swim. It was 12 midnight and we are not allowed to go swimming because the employee is cleaning the pool using hayward robotic pool cleaner. Because we are not allowed to swim, I just watched the guy cleaning the pool. The cleaner did clean the pool very well. After two hours, we are allowed to swim and enjoy the water in the pool.

Welcome to the Christian World

Last Sunday, April 07, 2011, we celebrated the Christening of the family’s baby Andrei. The celebration was simple but memorable because most of the invited guests came and celebrate with us. The sister is so thankful for the time they gave to celebrate with us. The foods that we ready did make the guests happy and full. Thanks to my older brother for preparing the foods.

 photo GEDC0933_zps219be702.jpg

Above is the photo I took when the parish priest performing one of the important rituals of the baptism. Unfortunately some of the godparents did not able to come for important reasons. Made the sister a bit sad but she did understand the situation. Even so, she is still glad because four of the godparents came and the invited guests. The celebration was a success and memorable for the family. Thanks for those who came and most especially, thanks God for the blessings You have showered upon us.