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Her 12th Birthday

My niece Nana turns 12 yesterday. I still can’t believe that she is getting older and taller. Her 12th birthday celebration is a simple one. We just had simple dinner at home with two invited family friends. Her father cooked her favorite foods. It was her first ever birthday celebration without care and ice cream. It is because she is still taking medicines. The doctor said that she is not allowed to eat cakes, chocolates, ice cream and many more while she is in medication. Of course she does not like it, but it is her fault. We rushed her to the hospital last Sunday due to severe stomach pain and vomiting.

The celebration is still memorable because she got a surprised present from her mommy (her aunt, my older sister). We wish her well, good health, happy life, and be a responsible human being. I told her that she is not getting any younger. It is the time to be responsible at home as well. No more playing outside, instead do some household chores at home. I got a frowning face from her and I am not affected because I am used to it. Whether she like it or not, I will still teach her to do household chores and act like a lady. Hopefully she will cooperate because if she will not, she will get what she deserves. haha!

Again, Happy Birthday to my niece I pray for more birthdays to come. Love you!

Five celebrants this month

July is one of the important months in the family. It is because five members of the family will be celebrating their birthday. My brother will turn 40 on the 16th, the SIL will turn 28 on the 12th, nephew will turn 6 on the 18th, niece will turn 12 on the 22nd and another SIL will turn 43 on the 28th. We are all waiting for this month because for sure their would be a big celebration. The family is planning to have one celebrations for the five celebrants. And it will be on the 18th, the birthday of the nephew. It would be a wonderful celebrations for the family.

We are all excited for this event. The first plan was to celebrate their birthdays at the beach since we love going to the beach a lot especially the kids. We will be staying their overnight. However, the plan changed due to unexpected thing. Yes, we are sad but family come first before anything else. Besides we can still celebrate their birthdays at home. Celebrating at home is more practical I guess, and fun for sure. We can do many things like doing sing-a-long, maybe watching movies, dancing or playing cards (lol). Anyways, to the celebrants, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL OF YOU. May the Lord God showers you with lots of blessings, good health, happy life

Cheers to all the fathers in the world

Today is father’s day. The day that we give honor to the man in our life, our fathers. A father has a very significant role in the family. They are the pillar of a home, the provider, the supporting ingredient to make the family grow stronger and the strength of the family. They are also called the breadwinner of the family. It is best to recognize their sacrifices and hard works to support the family. Also, giving salute to the father who does the works at home. The father whose wife is working and working abroad. A shifting role, I must say. A father role is not easy, and so it is right to give them recognition.

I am just sad today because my father is not well. He is in pain now due to gout arthritis. I wanted to treat him to the mall and buy him his favorite meal, but because of his condition we opted to stay at home. At his condition, it is best to have him rest well and get more sleep because he can’t sleep well at night. I pray that my father will be free from these pain and his health will get better soon. Anyways, happy father’s day to my father. Please know that I love you much even if I am not showy. We may argue at times, I love and care for you.

And to all the fathers in the world, happy father’s day. CHEERS!

The King and Queen of Hearts 2015

Last February 13, 2015 is the King and Queen of Hearts coronation day at the school where my nephew is enrolled. We are happy and excited because my nephew JC is the King of Hearts. Their teacher made a raffle. She lets the kids pick of what would be their place on the said event. And the nephew picked the King of Hearts title. Lucky kid I must say. My only worry is that the nephew is a shy type kid. I am not sure if he will participate well, or wear the attire of the king. They have dance presentation, and I am afraid the nephew will not participate.

The King and Queen of Hearts 2015 was a success. The nephew did well. Even if he is complaining that his Barong (top) is very itchy. Lol He is not that shy anymore but he is not smiling. I am sure that he is happy just that he doesn’t smile a lot. If you want him to smile, you have to pay billion pesos. Haha! He also dances with his partner, the Queen of Hearts. Being the King of Hearts is a wonderful experienced of the nephew, an experience that he would treasure and cherish as he grows older. Something that he could share to his family someday that once in his life he is a king.

Her 37th Birthday

Few days ago, the family celebrated the 37th birthday. Another year has added to my dearest sister’s life here on earth. Her day was a memorable one because she was serenade with birthday songs from her co-teachers, hearing their greetings and wishes and birthday greetings from us, her family and a happy birthday song from her eldest son. I am touched hearing the nephew singing happy birthday song to his mom. We are not expecting it from him. He is a very sweet kid. Indeed the sister’s day was a blast even if we are just having simple dinner at their abode.

I thank God for another year of my sister’s life. Time really flies so fast. She is now 37 years old. Happy and contented with what she has, blessed with loving husband, two wonderful sons and a very stable job. I thank God for giving us a very loving sister like her. Even though she already has her own family, still she never fails to help us when we need her help. She will do her very best to help the family and is willing to give even the last cents in her wallet. On her birthday, I wish her happiness, more blessings, good health, and long life. God bless always my dearest sister. We love you very much!