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Thanks for another year of life

The youngest sibling in the family turns 33 last September 2. Unfortunately, we were not able to go because kids have classes not like last year. This is the advantage of living very far from us. Because we can’t be with him on his birthday, we just greeted him on Facebook, made a call and send text messages. I am happy seeing the photos shared by my brother’s wife on Facebook. I must say that his birthday was a memorable one even without us. The brother spent his birthday with his in-laws and that is enough to be happy and thankful knowing there is someone they’re celebrating with him. Making him feel special and loved. Big thank you to my SIL for making her husband’s (my brother) birthday extra special.

This weekend my brother will be visiting us to have his post birthday celebration with us. We are so excited because the family will surely complete and it would be a wonderful bonding and celebration. Anyways, before I forgot I want to extend my birthday greeting for my brother. I wish him good health, happy life, long life and more blessings to come. I thank God for another year of my brother’s life. Lastly, I pray that God will continue to bless him and his family always. Guide them and keep them safe always. Again, happy birthday brother. May you have more birthdays to come. *hugs and kisses*

Her 13th Years

My niece celebrates her 13th birthday last July 2, 2016. This is a bit late post but still I want to share it here to give thanks to God for the 13th years of joyful life of my niece. Time really flies so fast. I can’t believe that she is now 13 years old. Seems like it was just yesterday when I carry her on my arms from the nursery room. The niece grown so fast and can’t help but cry for it reminds me that I am not getting any younger. I should get married soon for me to have children of my own.LOL Opps…off-topic sorry about that.

Anyways, I want to great the niece a very happy birthday. We had simple celebration at home. Her wishes were granted on her special day. My sister ( her mommy) bought pork for her requested Adobo, her mom bought chocolate cake, her grandfather (my father) gave money to her mom to buy the rest of the ingredients for the viands/foods that we are going to prepare on her special day. We prepared all her favorites and the family’s favorite. Even though it is just a simple celebration, still it is special because everyone in the family is contributing to make her day extra special. I wish her good health, happiness in life, do well at school and will become a responsible and God-fearing person. Again, Happy Birthday niece and may God bless you always. Do not forget to always pray to Him.

His 69th Birthday

My father celebrates his 69th birthday five days ago. This is a bit late but I want to share still the little celebration we had during the 69th birthday of my father. The plan of the sister to go out have dinner outside was not push through because the brother does not like the idea. To him, going outside with kids is tiring and trouble.LOL! Trouble because the kids would surely running here and there. We will not be able to concentrate. And the brother has a point. We can do it when the little ones grow a bit older, the right age to enjoy with us and have fun.

The celebration is very simple. The father invited his close friend only because it is a family celebration. The father does not want an extravagant one either. His only wish is that we are complete and his good health. His wish did come true because my two brothers who lives far from us arrives and celebrate with us. In fact they are the one buying the foods for the father’s birthday and cooked his favorite foods. Also, the birthday cake for the kids. The father was the happiest man in the world during his special day. We had lots of fun, laughter, singing and savoring the foods on the table. Thanks to my brothers and SIL for the sponsorship/treat. Again, Happy Birthday father and I wish you good health, long life and happiness.

My sister is the sweetest

Yes, this is a bit late but still want to post my valentine’s day celebration. Anyways, my sister is my valentine’s day date ever since. But when she got married, I do not have a date on this day for five years. Of coarse I do understand because she is married now and has new life together with her husband and kids. I just so missed the times when the sister and I go out for a date on valentine’s day. In fairness to my sister, we still go out when she has time to have sister bonding. She still find time to go out with me, makes me feel loved and special.

My valentine’s day this year is memorable one. I did not expect that my sister thought of giving me chocolates. I felt like crying when the sister called me, said happy valentine’s day to me and handed to me chocolates. My sister is the sweetest I must say. Even though I do not have special someone and have not receive roses on this day, the most important is that my valentine’s day partner ever since gave me chocolates. Thank you very much sister for the thought and the chocolates. Love you always!

Thank you for the gift

I celebrated my 37th birthday yesterday. I started the day by going to church and offered a mass to give thanks for the gift of life. I thank God for the 37th years of life. Anyways, I do not have any plans aside from going to church. I do not have budget to have a simple celebration. I already told my family that I do not have money. I wanted to celebrate my special day quietly. I want to go to mall to unwind but my father gets angry so I opted to take rest and sleep because I need it much.

Anyways, my younger brother with his wife and son arrived to surprise me on my special day. They bought foods and cake that make my day extra special. I am so touched because I did not expect that my day would be a special day. A day that I will cherish and remember for the rest of my life. I thank them for coming and the wonderful treat. I appreciate it very much. I know my thank you is not enough, but still I want to extend my warmest thanks for making my day memorable. Also, I want to say thank you to my friend for the unexpected gift. Thank you all for all the efforts and love it makes me feel I am special. God bless you all.