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Next week is the scheduled Christmas party of the kids at school. They are very much excited because at long last they will wear the dress that I bought for them to wear on their Christmas party. The dress is my early gifts for them this Christmas. I am glad that they liked it and they like my taste. Smiley Of course I will be accompanying them since their parents are both working and cannot take a leave because they are busy. They are used to it because I always accompanied them since their kindergarten days.

This Monday, December 19 2011 is their Christmas party. They already bought the item as their gift for their exchange gifts. As usual, yours truly is wrapping their gifts for the Christmas party. I love doing it because I do some experimentation on different styles of gift wrapping. It is like I am practicing their gifts but I see to it that I wrapped it nicely and presentable. I experiment in making ribbons, designs in gift wrapping and styles. Doing it makes me feel like I am a true artist of gift wrapping. Smiley I have tried the candy style, t-shirt style, and the ordinary style with designs. I am thinking of experimenting a new designs this time. Haven’t decided it yet, but I have something in my mind now. I will try this one and see if it turns out nice and presentable.


Five more months

It seems like it was yesterday when my sister gave birth to her first baby. Now the baby is seven months old. We have seen him growing so fast and seen the development every day. And also the baby can no perform the ‘close open’ fingers. Five more months and this baby will celebrate his first birthday. Call me an excited aunt because I am excited and counting the days, hours, minutes, seconds and the like till the big event. I say big event because my nephew’s birthday falls on Christmas day.

To others five months is still far to think about what to do on his first birthday and the budgeting. But to my sister it’s not since times flies so fast nowadays. That is why as early as this my sister wants to plan everything for her son’s big day. She wants it a simple and memorable birthday for her son. As usual, yours truly is always there to give my help, support and assistance. As I am an excited aunt, I want to be a part of the preparation. I just wish that my suggestion and presence is of a big help. Doing the preparation is never easy, so I am trying my best to help my sister.

Singing Happy Birthday

Each day, I always sings happy birthday to my nephew. My nephew just listens to me every time I sing. He will be turning two next week. Times really flies so fast, I can’t believe that the baby that I babysit is now turning two years old. It tells only one thing, I am growing This morning I am surprised because I heard him singing happy birthday to himself. Though the lyrics are not clear I know it is happy birthday because he is mentioning his name and he can pronounce the last syllable of the birthday word which is the ‘day’. It is so cute hearing him singing for himself. He doesn’t have any idea at all that it will be his big day that we are going to celebrate. Not planning for a birthday party though, just a simple dinner with the whole family. I wish to give him even a simple birthday party for him to have fun with his friends but I cannot for now. I can make it up next time I pray. Happy birthday my dearest nephew, wish you all the best and good health always.

Happy Father’s Day

Today, the whole world is celebrating father’s day. The days were the whole world is giving recognition to all the fathers out there for the job well done. It is that day where children of the world saying thank you to their one and only father who have raise them and give them decent life. Though not all are fortunate enough to have a father who gives them the kind of life they are dreaming of, but the thought of the sacrifices their father is going through is more than enough to give those hugs and love on their very special day.

In the past weeks, my family is not in good terms because of some issues. I am happy that we are better now and trying to understand each other especially my father who is a bit old and lost temper sometimes. On this father’s day, we greeted my father a very happy father’s day and say thank you for raising us with values and respects. Happy father’s day father and God bless you more.

Miss the Easter Vigil

For the past years, I always participated the Easter vigil at the church as part of the holy week activities. One thing that I like in this Easter vigil is that there is a renewal of baptismal. Many are participating and there are some who were baptized from other religion going back to catholic religion. To me during Easter vigil, I am going to understand more the meaning of holy week. It will take 2-4 hours but it is worth to spend my time.

This year I miss the Easter vigil celebration because my body is not feeling well still. I still feel my body is aching. I feel so sad that I was not able to attend this activity in the church. I just watch news in the television about Easter vigil from different churches here in the Philippines. Though I miss the Easter vigil, I will promise to attend the Easter Sunday mass tomorrow. This is the day of Jesus resurrection and meeting His mother. The big celebration because there were angels performing and singing.

Happy Easter everyone!