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My 40th Birthday

It’s my birth month. The most important month of the year. I am turning 40th this month and I am so happy for the gift of life. Thankful to God for giving me another year of life. Another year of trials, happiness, and wonderful journey in life. As they say that life begins at 40. I must say, it is true because my long time prayer has been answered by God. Thank you God for always there and for hearing what my hearts desires. I am just waiting for the moment when my ultimate dream will come, love and embrace my life.

On my 40th birthday, I wish to have a happy life, good health, complete family that is always been there for me and long life. There is nothing more than I could ask for because God answered my prayers and wish. I pray that God will give it to me this year. Anyways, I do not have a feast on my birthday. Like the usual celebration, I am going to have a simple dinner with the family with our favorite dish. It might be a simple celebration but a memorable one because I got the best gift from God. The one I have been praying for, for years. Forever thankful to you God.

The niece’s 14th birthday

Last January 7, 2019, was the 14th birthday of my niece. Time flies really fast. The baby that I used to carry in my arms is now as tall as me. lol We had a simple birthday celebration for her. A simple dinner with the family, and invited our closest neighbor. We just cooked the family’s favorite and I bought the birthday girl request, a birthday cake. It is my simple gift for her on her birthday. Too bad I was not able to see her blowing her birthday candle because I was with my father for doctor’s check-up.

Anyways, the birthday celebration of the niece is memorable even if it is simple, it is because the family is there to celebrate with her. I wish her all the best in life, I know that it is a long way to go but I know that she will achieve her goals in life because she is a determined kid. Though sometimes, this lady is a brat.arghs! Well, it is her part of growing up. I wish that she will keep in mind what I told her and be responsible person when she grow up. Love herself, and value the people around her especially her family. Happy birthday Ella. God bless always and be a good girl.

Sorry I was not able to take a photo of her because we came home late.

Fiesta Celebration and Thanksgiving

Last Saturday was the fiesta celebration in our village. We had the simple feast at home with some invited relatives, friends and co-workers of my brother and sister-in-law. It was not just a simple fiesta for us because we are also having thanksgiving celebration for the recovery of my father. We had hard days lately because my father got really sick, we thought that he will not survive, but thank you God he is slowly recovering. Through hemodialysis, my father gets better and he can walk now, not on his own though for the meantime. Hopefully, soon he will get better. We really missed his smiling face and his jokes.

To those who came and celebrates with us thank you very much. Also, a huge thank you to all who visited my father at the hospital and at home, your presence helps a lot for my father to recover. Thank you for making my father an important person. Hopefully, he will get better and better so his life will be back to normal so that he can do what he usually does. To the relatives who come visit, thank you very much for your presence, we appreciate it a lot.

Lastly, thank you God for always with us. Thank you for watching my father over. Also, thank you for my father’s life. Give him good health and long life. Amen!

Congratulations and best wishes

FInally, my brother and his fiancee tied the knot last Saturday, May 26, 2018. It was one of the happiest days of our lives because at last my brother is married. It seems like yesterday when he told me that no one will marry him because of his looks after his two years girlfriend dumped him. Everything happens for a reason. And this is the reason why his ex dumped him. For my brother to find someone he deserved and someone who will truly love him unconditionally.

My brother was the happiest man on earth on his wedding day. The excitement and the smiley face will tell how happy my brother is. And we are so happy for him. I am so happy that the wedding went well. I must we planned it perfectly. It went well as we plan. And the host at the reception did very well even though it was an abrupt one. Thanks to the make up artists who made us all beautiful. To those who came to celebrate with us, thank you very much.

Congratulations to my brother and to my sister in law. May God bless your life together and will bless you with lots of kids. Also, congratulations to my sister in law who is four months on the way. I am so excited to see your first born. Again, congratulations and best wishes!!!

Thank you all for making my day special

Last January 24, 2018, I celebrated my birthday. I do not have any plans for my birthday because I do not have extra money. My plan was just to go to church, light a candle, give thanks to God for the gift of life and simple dinner with the family. To me, I am too old for party or feast. What is important is that I can attend a mass on my birthday. I received lots of greetings from family, friends, and relatives. Some are teasing me of when is the celebration, but sorry I do not have a feast on my special day. I am not used to it though. My birthday is like a normal day.

But my plans were changed because of my family. My older brother gave me money so I could buy foods for our dinner. He can’t come home, so he is just sending money. My brother gave me money too, and my sister bought my birthday cake. And the best thing is that my younger brother with his wife and son came on my special day. I am surprised I must say (teary eyes). I did not expect it because they live far from us and very busy with their business. It makes me feel so special for they give time to spend with me on my birthday. I invited two of my closest friends too. Thank you, everyone, for making my day a memorable one. Thanks to my family for the help and always there for me. And, thank God for the gift of life, family, and friends.