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Kid Scout Investiture Ceremony

Yesterday was the Kid Scout Investiture Ceremony of my nephew at school. I can see the excitement on his face yesterday. The nephew likes his kid scout uniform very much. Even though he did not able to remorize the kid scout law, still he is trying his best. Funny thing is that, he has own words on the kid scout law.haha! I can tell that he is shy no more. I never thought that the nephew would be participating yesterday because he is so shy and lacking of self confidence as what his pediatrician told us. We are happy of his development.

I took some pictures of him yesterday for his remembrance and for his parents to see how he performs and participate yesterday. The investiture ceremony went well, fun (because of the kid’s performance), memorable to all the parents and students, and enjoyable. We are looking forward to their school camping and other kid scout and boy scout activities. Congratulations nephew, you are now the member of kid scout. Hopefully, you will gain more confidence, gain more friends, and be a responsible kid. Keep up the good works and be a good boy always.

Wants to become a soldier

I remember when the nephew is still in nursery, every time I asked him of what he wants to become when he grow old, he answered me “Policeman” because he wants to caught his classmate Jacob.LOL I guess it is because Jacob is a bully kid. He likes to fight with his classmates. I just smiled at his answer. However, after seeing the fights of Manny Pacquaio, his dream has changed. Now he wants to become a boxer.LMAO Well, he is just a kid. It is like he wants to become everything that interests him. More changes of profession I bet.

I am so right because during their Career Guidance Day, when the nephew asked by his teacher of what he wants to become, he answered ‘Soldier‘. Where in the earth he got this idea. And soldier? Thinking of the professions that the nephew wants, I guess he is a fighter and strong person. The problem is that his mother wants him to become a priest. haha! Well, even if his mother wants him to become a priest, at the end of the day it is the nephew’s decision is important and final. Anyways, whatever it is, I pray for nephew’s success in life and hope that he will meet his goals. Whatever decisions he wants to take, we will always be here to support him.

Finding a good career

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