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The store is doing well

It was like yesterday when we reopened our small store in the village where we live. The store is now operating for one year. The store was attached to our house. Even though there are multiple competitors in the village, still we tried our luck to reopen the store for extra income. This was our third attempt to open the store. There was a mismanage in the past and we decided to close the store. I must admit that I am scared and have negative thoughts, but I have to take the risk and be optimistic at all times.

Anyways, it has been a year since I reopen the store. And I am so happy that the store is earning and doing well. It helps us in some expenses at home. We do not have to worry when we need money for emergency because I have saved from the income I have saved. The family is taking part also in attending the store. Thank you to my sister who lend us her credit card so that we can buy more products and items at store. Thank you for her support as well. I am hoping and praying that the store will grow bigger for better profit. Thank you Lord also for all the blessings. All of this happens because of You.

She is living her dream

Back when I was in college, our group feasibility study and the business plan we presented is a bakery business. To us, it is the perfect business to put up to business we Filipinos loves to eat bread. It is one of the profitable and good business to put up. It was our goal in finishing the business related course we took, to have our own business in the future. It is not easy because it needs a huge capital to start the business, but who knows it will come true in the near future. We are crossing our fingers though.

When I graduated, my friends proceed to master’s course, and some landed into office works in a company. Our communication continues and we are still talking about the business plan back in college. For me, it will take some time in pursuing it for financial reasons. Just recently, a friend of mine who is the leader of our group in college put up her own business and it is a bakery business. She has just started it and doing well. I am so happy for her because she is living her dream and pursuing our business plan. I envy her because she is living her dream but so happy for her. I hope that I can do that too. How? I do not know yet for I do not have the capital needed. Hopefully one day with God’s will.

Helpful drawings for the next project

My father’s friend is an engineer. He is not working in any company because he is a freelance worker. He does not like the idea of having a boss, which is why he decided to do a freelance job. When he gets a project or making a design project for someone, he always checks online to see the latest drawings and nice drawings which he can add on his current designs. He does not want to disappoint his client/s that is why he is searching online to get the best designs. Just recently, he was hired to make a design and he contacted my brother to work for him. So, they both are checking on cad library online to get an idea on how they are going to make a perfect design that would make their client happy and smiling. Indeed, they want to satisfy their client so that on the next project, they will for sure be hired again.

For an easy to read and access report

Running a business is never easy. There are lots papers works, reports and collecting of data to be done to make the business grow profitable. Doing the old ways are very much time-consuming and a bit expensive methods to use because of the gathering of data from the business. It is a long process to be exact that makes it time-consuming an expensive. Good thing enterprise mashup to use for an easy to read and access report from the data gathered. This way is very much helpful in a business because of the ability to get access to all the data needed. Plus this tool is very much easy to use. Any users can get and have the data they needed in just a short time. Isn’t it great? If you are managing a business, this tool fits for you to use. Because it is user-friendly, you will not be in trouble using this tool. So, try this server and make your report easy and fast.

My first choice

It is my dream to be able to visit, work, and live in other countries. To experience the life their, the culture and the opportunities. I know that there is no place like home but going to other country for greener pasture is not bad at all. It is for the better future I must say. And if I will be given the chance and the opportunity to live and work abroad my first choice would be the USA. Why? Because I have friends and relatives there, so homesick issue is not a big issue for me. If by chance this opportunity comes, I would like to look the southport nc real estate listings. I have read things about this and so far I like it. The area and the place would not make me missed my country land. SO if ever you are thinking of enjoying the life in the USA, try to look at this real estate listings.