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Pagerank at Last

It has been a while that this blog of mine is longing for pagerank. I have worked so hard to make this blog known, gain visitors and readers and gain a good traffic for this blog. It was middle this year when Mr. G is updating pagerank. I am so happy because four of my blogs got pagerank, but a bit sad because this blog remains at pagerank 0. Getting pagerank 0 does not stop me from updating this blog and make this blog more appealing to visitors. Instead I double time in updating this blog and writing post the best that I could.

Just recently, Mr. G updated again pagerank and I am so happy to see that this blog got pagerank 1. My working so hard was a success because my blog is being noticed by Mr. G. My time, effort and patience were worth it after seeing the shining pagerank 1 in my sidebar. Thank you very much Mr. G for the recognition and for giving this blog a rank. I want to share this recognition to all my visitors, readers and friends who constantly giving their time to read and for leaving comments in my post. Mochas Gracias!

Blog Idol Round 2

I have joined different giveaways and contests that bloggers are hosting. I am fond of joining because of the fun and the thrills it brings waiting for whom will be the lucky one to bag the prizes. Among those giveaways and contests that I have joined from past to present, this Blog Idol contest is the best for me. Why? Because I feel like I am joining in a long running television contests that viewers/readers will casts their votes. One of a kind contests here in blogosphere indeed!

Without further a do…I would like to asked from your kind of heart to support for me by voting the song that I picked for this week. Each week, the host will eliminates participants who got the lowest votes. PLEASE VOTE FOR MY CHOICE OF SONG THIS WEEK AND HELP ME MAKE IT TO THE TOP THREE. wink!

To vote, just click HERE and read carefully the mechanics so that your votes wont be wasted.

Note: Vote for my choice of song which is #10. Not my name nor mention my name when you vote. Thanks very much. Genny.

Playing Hide and Seek

I do not know what is wrong with my blogs lately because some of my posts are gone. I felt sad because I do not have a copy of my posts. Double the headache this morning for me. My blogs was so fine yesterday and last night after doing my update. But when I wake up and check it this morning four posts from my three blogs are gone. I did restart my computer many times and still it doesn’t shoe up. I guess something is wrong with my server so I logged out. Later this afternoon I am glad that my posts showed up. I felt relieve because I do not have to worry about where did my posts went. I am happy in shutting down my computer because all are fine.

Early this evening, I log in to update my blogs and I was so surprised because my posts are gone again. Oh gosh, my posts are playing hide and seek I guess. Only show up when they wanted to.arghs! Up to this time my posts are still missing especially to my new blog. It is so strange because my friends can see it except me. My new blog do not like me maybe. Please, please stop playing hide and seek and come back t

Back to Normal

I ma having some problem in opening my blogs that is why I am not able to update it. Good thing is that I have enough patience till it will fixed by the one hosting my blogs. I am shy to bug my host of what is happening that is why I waited patiently. I did asked her more than twice and stopped after she told me she is trying to fixed it. After days of not in order, I can now open and blogs and I can say that it is back to normal. I do not need to refresh it many times to open my blog site. Thanks to her because my blogs are back to normal now and I can do my update without refreshing it. And also I am glad that the paid article is finally posted after trying several times of refreshing it because it always says no server connection. I was worried about it, but thank God it published finally before the expiry date.

I hope this is back for better server and long lasting. Thanks Madam…you know who you are…God bless you more.!.

I have heard many stories from other bloggers about their content being posted in other website and their photos are stole and posted in other website. It is sad indeed that is why they are installing plug-in that would protect the contents and photos of their blog site. I do not want to happen it to me that is why I am installing plug-in to protect my contents and photos also.

I love my contents and the photos that I have posted here that is why I am installing plug-in for protection and also avoid it being stole by others. With the help of the bloggers that I have met in the group that I joined, I am able to install it. Thanks to you ladies for the help and the time you spent in telling me what to do to install it. I am so happy that my works are now protected. It is now safe to those not so good individual who steal the works of other. Happy blogging everyone and more opportunities to come. God bless and happy weekend!:-)