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The earning is very slow

Well, not all day is a good day. There are times that we are flooded with the blessing and there are that we aren’t. I am aware of that though and have to keep in mind that time will come that luck is not always in my side. It is really scary though especially when I do not know where and what to go when these things happen. Even though I am prepared, I still can’t believe that it is really happening now. It has been three years when I started blogging. And those past years I must say that it is a fruitful year for me. I am really enjoying my new found career. I love it because I really love writing. Doing the things that I love and earning from doing it is really awesome.

However, just recently blogging is really slow. I even think of the worse thing and it is really scary. Thinking of what is happening in the blogosphere makes me think that I should get a job. At my age, it is really difficult to find a job especially I am competing with the younger ones. I do not want to quit because I love my career now and I am would like to do it for long or forever. I have heard of not so good about blogging that is why earning is very slow but I do not think negatively, I would like to believe that this is not a good month for us bloggers. I hope and I pray that blogging will be as fruitful as the previous years so that bloggers will forever be happy. I also pray that this very slow earning in blogging will be over soon and more earnings to come for us.

Glad it is holiday

Today is May 1, and it only means the holiday in the country because we are observing/celebrating the Labor Day. It is a long weekend to all workers. Parents who are both working will have more time to spend with their family and kids. It is bonding time I must say. Early this morning my brother went to the beach after doing his exercise, and he saw people and families going to the beach. We will pass going to the beach today because the heat of the sun is no joke. It will surely be burned your skin. We will still go swimming this month for our summer bonding and getaway when the sun is less angry.haha!

Anyways, I am glad that it is a holiday today. I have more time to rest for I do not have to watch the kids because my sister and brother is here to watch their kids. I grabbed this chance to update my blogs. it has been days since the last updates of my blogs. I am always lacking time to sit down and write because the kids took my time. When the kids are sleeping, I grabbed the chance to sleep and rest. I do not have the power to write at night because I dozed off after watching my favorite shows on television. This afternoon, I will go to the mall with my sister and her two kids. I hope to finish my updates today.

Successfully added new card

Three years ago I made a mistake in adding my debit card to my PayPal account. It cost me a lot to apply for another card because my existing account is void because I deleted it after adding the replacement card. It was my first time then and I did not ask from my blogger friends of what to do. I just follow the instruction online. It was the mistake that I regret a lot. I should have ask help from blogger friends who is ahead of me of what to do in adding a replacement card. Though it was a bad experience I learned a lot from that mistake and promise to not commit the same mistake again.

Now my card is three years already and it is time to get a replacement. I surrender the old card to my bank to get a new one. After getting the new card, I did not add it yet. I seek help from blogger friends but I doubted it because it seems like I am doing the same things three years ago. I am so scared to do it by myself. Good thing I have a friend who is an expert I must say for she has blogged for years. I asked for help and she help me in adding my card. In fact she is the one adding it to my PayPal account and it is successfully added. Thank you very much GAGAY for the help. God bless you more.

I did not able to save it

For the past days, my blogs are down due to hosting issue. I am glad that I am able to save back-up files of all my blogs. So, I did not worry much. But when the issue is getting serious, and the reseller host of my blogs decided to move to other hosting company, I began to worry because I did not able to save the theme of this blogs. I tried to contact the one who made it to see if she still has the copy of the theme of this blog. Unfortunately she does not have. I am really sad thinking that I might lose the theme of this blog.

It is really hard to accept that I did not able to save the theme of this blog. Among the themes that I have purchased, the theme of this blog is the one I so loved the most. I like the color and the style, though I am still hoping that the layout artist that made the theme will be able to find a copy of it so I can upload it here. I am really shy to ask her, but I have to swallow my shyness for me to bring back the beautiful theme of this blog. The badge of this blog that you can see in the sidebar is part of the header of this blog’s theme that was lost. Pretty isn’t it?

My lucky blog

Woohoo! I won again. A few hours ago, I visited the blog where I joined the giveaway. I am so happy to see my name as one of the lucky winners. I am lucky indeed to be picked up as one of the winners. Well, I have been praying to win since the day I joined the giveaway. This blog is my lucky blog I can tell because I have won few giveaways using this blog as my entry. Stand by the subtitle blessings and gifts from God indeed. I cannot believe it though because there are so many entrants in the said giveaway. Well, when your lucky enough you will for sure win and bring home the bacon.

Since this is my lucky blog, I will be joining more giveaways and contests for bloggers using this blog. More winning for you baby.haha! Do not forget to bring blessings and gifts for me always. I also give thanks to God for this blessing and also big thank you for Gagay (the one hosting the giveaway) and to the sponsors of the giveaway. More blessings to come for you as well. Keep sponsoring and hosting more giveaways for us addict in joining contest and giveaways.