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It’s good to share

One of the misunderstanding issues in the family is about sharing of expenses.  This is the reality of life that many does not want to face because they do not want to share or give what they have.  Because of this issue, misunderstanding in the family arises.  What I am telling about is based on my experience and observation.  This is inevitable that is why concern parties must talk about and solve the issue before it becomes bigger.  We all know that times are not that easy for all of us, but even though still we are able to overcome it when we share and give what we have.  Nothing beats the value of sharing and giving.

Just recently, the family applied the art of sharing.  And it really feels good to share the blessings that we have.  It lessen the burdens that the family is facing especially in the financial issues.  Whether we like it or not, financial really matters.  We cannot move nor get the things that we need and wants if we do not have the purchasing power (money).  I have shared what I have to the family and it makes me smile that I am able to help in my own little way.  Family very important to me and so I am doing my best to share because it really feels good to share.

Fairy Hobmother is Finally Here

PhotobucketThe first time I heard about Fairy Hobmother here in blogosphere, I am so intrigued of the gifts that he gives to the lucky ones. I so wish that one day this famous fairy would give some time to visit my blogs/sites. I have followed Fairy Hobmother by visiting and commenting on the posts where this fairy is featured and his way of granting wishes. I am hoping, praying and wishing that it will be sooner. True enough, Fairy Hobmother finally pay a visits in my sites. woohoo!

One morning, I saw an email in my inbox from Fairy Hobmother. At last he is finally here. I am smiling while reading his email and his gifts for me. Fairy Hobmother made my day. I thought fairies are just for kids, but it’s not because fairies are for everybody who are wishing and praying for their wish to come true. The Fairy Hobmother’s gift for me is one of the most wonderful gifts I have received this year. I am so happy and blessed. Fairies are really true and soon he will grant my wish. Thank you Fairy Hobmother for the wonderful gift and for sharing to me your blessings.

Fairy Hobmother is giving away gifts like Amazon vouchers, paypal cash or have one of the Top Five Washing Machines. And he is spreading his gifts to everyone out there. Just leave your precious comment and your blogs/sites. Who knows this fairy will be knocking on your door and giving you one of the best gifts ever. Also, follow him on Twitter and give him your sweet hi!

Giving back the favor

Back then when I do not have work and I stay at home, it was my older sister who gave me lots of things and money. She is very kind to me. Every time she give me something, I always put in my mind that one day I will give back what my sister has gave me. My sister is not expecting me to pay back the things that she has given to me because to her it is better to give than to receive. But I think giving back the favor is one way of saying I do care and I appreciate the things that she has done for me. I am so lucky to have a sister like her.

Anyways, I am saying this because my dream to give the sister presents come true. I am now earning and giving my sister things that she deserves. Not all though. Just the things that I can afford to buy. Since she is my inspiration, my best friend and my supporters, I am sharing to her the blessings that I have received from blogging. She believes in me and always there to give me strength and encouragements. Without her, I do not know I can go this far. These are reasons why I want to give back the favor that the sister did for me.

Expecting another angel

To conceive a child is one of the greatest gift that God has given to women. However not all are bless enough to bear a child inside a women’s womb. And that is the sad part of a women’s life. But still life must go on because life is beautiful to enjoy for life is a wonderful journey. Oh well, I do not want make my readers sad and feel lonely about the sad part of women’s heart. I am saying this because my sister is so blessed because she is now conceiving her second baby. Yes, you heard it right. The sister is expecting another angel to bring smiles and happiness in their house.

The family is expecting another angel to added in our family tree. I am so happy after the sister told me the good news of her pregnancy. She is one month on the way. Woohoo! I so love babies. I will be accompanying the sister to the doctor. The same thing when she was expecting her first baby. My excitement is double compared to my sister. haha! It seems like I am the one who is conceiving a baby. Very funny but it is true. Well, I just so love to take care of a baby and carry it on my arms.

Once again…congratulations to my sister. Be safe always…I love you.

A Blessing or A Burden?

In early life and even during the time of our grannies and parents, babies are blessings. A blessing to married couple for the love they felt for each other. Couples do pray to God to give them a child to complete the family because a child will add smiles and happiness to couples. No one can described the happiness a child can bring in the family. A priceless blessings that is gift from God.
But nowadays, married couple used conctaceptive to prevent the wife to get pregnant. It is so sad that some couple think that a child/baby is a burden. To have a baby is additional expenses to them. A blessings that comes from God is now a burden to some. Some do aboortion just to escape from the obligations and responsibilities when the baby is born. I wonder why they see it as a burden rather than a blessings.
Look at the picture above and see for yourself what is a baby/child means to you? A blessings? or A burden?
Have a blessed Sunday everyone!