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Awesome Sea World Hotels

Thinking of a vacation? Consider Orlando and make your vacation an awesome adventure. To make your vacation a full blast, Sea World Orlando Hotels is the place to be. The perfect place to stay while you are on vacation. You can do and see lots of things while you stay in their hotels like complimentary transportation to SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica, Discovery Cove and Universal Studios. Lovely benefits that visitor and guest like you would surely love and enjoy. Awesome Sea World Hotels has lots to offer because they are aiming to give each visitors a wonderful days of visit. There is no room for boredom because you can do lots of things at Sea World Orlando Hotels. Added to that, they have a must grab Sea World Orlando Vacation Packages. A one of a kind packages that the whole family would want to experience on their vacation. Awesome indeed! If given the chance, I would love to grab this kind of packages and bring the whole family with me to enjoy.

14 Long Years…

Just a quick post for me today as I am busy preparing myself for our high school reunion.  After 14 long years of not seeing each other, I will be seeing again my classmates and friends.  I never heard of them after our graduation day.  Though I have heard from other friends that they are married already.  I am so excited to see them all.  I am preparing now my things because it is an overnight reunion party at the beach.  The weather is hot right now, and beach is the perfect place to unwind and get some cold air. 
All my things are packed now and in an hour I will be heading to the beach.  I am pretty sure it will be the longest night of talking, laughing and enjoyment.  And of course the foods that we are going to share.  By for now, and enjoy your weekend bloggers, readers, viewers and friends.  God bless!