The nephews does not like car pool

The school year 2019-2020 starts last June 3, 2019 here in the country. Busy days are here again for me. My duty in sending and fetching the nephews at school starts as well. I am glad that the nephews are in afternoon session. I do not need to get up early, and suffer the early morning traffic everyday. Their classes starts at 12:00 noon and ends at 6:00 pm. The picking up hours for the public vehicles and buses. I must say, it is very difficult to commute at this hour.

Because of the nephew’s schedule, their mother (my sister), and I are thinking of getting them in the car pool. With car pool, we are sure that the kids will be home before dinner time. I do not have to fetch them at school because the car pool will send them home. No hassle for me with this setup, the problem is the nine (9) year old nephew, does not want a ride in the car pool. He wants me to fetch him from school.argsh! We do not know why only the nephew knows. He just told us that he does not like to ride in the car pool. And he won. I will be doing the same routine, sending and fetching them. Poor