The store is doing well

It was like yesterday when we reopened our small store in the village where we live. The store is now operating for one year. The store was attached to our house. Even though there are multiple competitors in the village, still we tried our luck to reopen the store for extra income. This was our third attempt to open the store. There was a mismanage in the past and we decided to close the store. I must admit that I am scared and have negative thoughts, but I have to take the risk and be optimistic at all times.

Anyways, it has been a year since I reopen the store. And I am so happy that the store is earning and doing well. It helps us in some expenses at home. We do not have to worry when we need money for emergency because I have saved from the income I have saved. The family is taking part also in attending the store. Thank you to my sister who lend us her credit card so that we can buy more products and items at store. Thank you for her support as well. I am hoping and praying that the store will grow bigger for better profit. Thank you Lord also for all the blessings. All of this happens because of You.