The earning is very slow

Well, not all day is a good day. There are times that we are flooded with the blessing and there are that we aren’t. I am aware of that though and have to keep in mind that time will come that luck is not always in my side. It is really scary though especially when I do not know where and what to go when these things happen. Even though I am prepared, I still can’t believe that it is really happening now. It has been three years when I started blogging. And those past years I must say that it is a fruitful year for me. I am really enjoying my new found career. I love it because I really love writing. Doing the things that I love and earning from doing it is really awesome.

However, just recently blogging is really slow. I even think of the worse thing and it is really scary. Thinking of what is happening in the blogosphere makes me think that I should get a job. At my age, it is really difficult to find a job especially I am competing with the younger ones. I do not want to quit because I love my career now and I am would like to do it for long or forever. I have heard of not so good about blogging that is why earning is very slow but I do not think negatively, I would like to believe that this is not a good month for us bloggers. I hope and I pray that blogging will be as fruitful as the previous years so that bloggers will forever be happy. I also pray that this very slow earning in blogging will be over soon and more earnings to come for us.