Sleepover at my sister’s house

Last night I stayed overnight at my sister’s house. This is not new to me because I always do this every time the sister’s husband went to his parents (in the province). I just accompanying her while her husband is not around. Before I was the only one sleeping at their house, but now we are three. My nieces went with me too. They want to sleep in the air-conditioned room. For several attempts of begging to their mother, their mother said yes. The girls are very happy and excited. They brought with them blanket and their body pillow.

I like to sleepover at my sister’s house because of my two nephews. Every time I sleepover at their house, they want to sleep beside me and they keep on talking to me. It is like we have not seen each other for a long time. Yes, they are very sweet kids like me. Last night they did not know that I will sleep at their house. When I went there they are already sleeping. When I open my eyes early this morning, the first faces that I saw are my nephews smiling at me and said “Tita” (Aunt in english). Isn’t it sweet? I hope to sleep there more often so the nephew and I can bonding before going to sleep.