Looking at the blue sky

I am tired and sleepy today. Seems like my yes has its own life because I cannot keep it open. I am browsing on the internet when I feel that my eyes close. haha! I must not close my eyes because the kids are wide awake. I have to keep myself awake to watch the kids that are busy making a mess in the living room. They are playing, fighting and running around the house. Looking at the screen of my laptop makes me more sleepy. I decided to go out for a while and be with the kids who are playing at the terrace.

While sitting at the terrace, I noticed that the sky is so blue. Wow! It has been days that I haven’t seen the blue sky because of the rain. I love watching the sky because I can picture out lots of images by just looking at it. I feel I am an artist looking at the skies. Added to that is the awesome blue color. It is indeed good to go out and see the beauty of nature Also, looking at the blue sky from above takes away the tired and sleepy mood this morning. Good idea also in releasing stress. Now I have found new way of releasing the bad mood.

Do you feel the same thing sometimes? Try to do what I did and see if it works for you because it works for me.