New schedule of household chores

I started giving the girls assignments at home two years ago. I wanted them to help in doing the chores at home at early age so that they will grow being a responsible person. It was not easy teaching them because they are not paying attention then. All they wanted to do is to go outside and play with their friends. I just told them that they are allowed to go outside and play only when they are done doing the chores I assigned to them. So instead of complaining they do the chores assigned to them so they can play with their friends.

They have been doing well with the chores assigned to them. I have helpers at home. They have been doing the same chores for a while now and I thought of doing some changes. I will make new schedule of household chores because the kids are getting at school especially the niece who is graduating from elementary. Also, I would like to make new assignments for them so they won’t get bored doing the same chores. It would be new assignments, new chores and new obligations. When I am done with the scheduling I will let the girls know right away. I hope it is fine with them and I hope they find it more interesting and challenging.