Slowly getting better

My father is not well. He has been sick since August last year. We brought him to the hospital twice before he agreed to undergo dialysis. It was the saddest point in our life. We have lots of why and how in our minds, but we offer it all to God. I know that He will always there for us and He will give us the strength to go on with life and to carry the trials that we are facing right now. We have accepted and embraced the condition of our father. We will always be there for him and will help him until the end. It is not easy, but with positive minds we know we can handle everything with smiles on our faces.

After six (6) months of dialysis therapy, my father is slowly getting better. We have been praying for him to get better and regain the strength so he can walk again. We felt his frustration every time he is trying to stand up and cannot do it alone because he is so weak. If only we can do something to bring back the life he used to have. To bring back the smile on his face and bring back the bubbly father we have. We are glad that the father nos is slowly getting better. We prayed for it a lot. Hopefully, he will fully recover soon. We wanted to see him walk again.