My 40th Birthday

It’s my birth month. The most important month of the year. I am turning 40th this month and I am so happy for the gift of life. Thankful to God for giving me another year of life. Another year of trials, happiness, and wonderful journey in life. As they say that life begins at 40. I must say, it is true because my long time prayer has been answered by God. Thank you God for always there and for hearing what my hearts desires. I am just waiting for the moment when my ultimate dream will come, love and embrace my life.

On my 40th birthday, I wish to have a happy life, good health, complete family that is always been there for me and long life. There is nothing more than I could ask for because God answered my prayers and wish. I pray that God will give it to me this year. Anyways, I do not have a feast on my birthday. Like the usual celebration, I am going to have a simple dinner with the family with our favorite dish. It might be a simple celebration but a memorable one because I got the best gift from God. The one I have been praying for, for years. Forever thankful to you God.