The niece’s 14th birthday

Last January 7, 2019, was the 14th birthday of my niece. Time flies really fast. The baby that I used to carry in my arms is now as tall as me. lol We had a simple birthday celebration for her. A simple dinner with the family, and invited our closest neighbor. We just cooked the family’s favorite and I bought the birthday girl request, a birthday cake. It is my simple gift for her on her birthday. Too bad I was not able to see her blowing her birthday candle because I was with my father for doctor’s check-up.

Anyways, the birthday celebration of the niece is memorable even if it is simple, it is because the family is there to celebrate with her. I wish her all the best in life, I know that it is a long way to go but I know that she will achieve her goals in life because she is a determined kid. Though sometimes, this lady is a brat.arghs! Well, it is her part of growing up. I wish that she will keep in mind what I told her and be responsible person when she grow up. Love herself, and value the people around her especially her family. Happy birthday Ella. God bless always and be a good girl.

Sorry I was not able to take a photo of her because we came home late.