The two weeks Christmas Vacation

The two weeks Christmas vacation of my nephews and nieces at school started last Monday, December 15, 2018. I am glad that I do not have to wake up very early, and no fetching and sending off nephews at school too. However, I have lots of house works to do. I have to clean lots of clutter at home, attending my sick father and hopefully to do my Christmas list. I don’t have lots in my list though because of tight budget. Not like before, we will refrain ourselves from going to malls and department store a lot. For better future.LOL

The two weeks Christmas vacation of my nephews are playing and practice reading. The five (5) year old nephew especially. He needs to practice reading in preparation for Grade 1 level next year. He might not like it because he likes to play, but this is for his own good. Also, to make his vacation a fruitful one. Her mother (my sister) will teach him how to read and practice writing. I hope I will get to rest more to regain more strength for sending and fetching kids at school.

Advance Merry Christmas everyone!