With Academic Excellence Award for Second Quarter


Last week was the reading of honors for my grade two nephew. Although we wish him to be one of the tops of his class, we did not expect for the second quarter because nephew was not able to make it in the first quarter. His grades for the first quarter is not enough. We motivate him though to study his lessons, participate in the class activity and lessons and get high scores in quizzes and examinations. It is not easy to challenge and motivate the nephew because he is so playful. He is not the studious type of student.

We were surprised last week because the nephew showed to us his certificate of excellence award. Yes, he is one of the top students at their class and we are so happy for him. The hard work and sacrifices are paid off because of the award that the nephew gets for the second quarter. Job well did I must say. His excellence award makes us so happy and proud of him. It is a long way to go, I just hope that the nephew will continue doing his best to get another award for a third and fourth quarter. Congratulations to my nephew, I am so proud of you. Keep up the good works. Whatever it is with the award or not, always know that we are proud of you.