Visiting my new nephew

Last October 30, 2018, my sister-in-law gave birth to their first baby. It is a boy. I was not able to go with them to the hospital because we are busy preparing for the 2nd birthday of my niece the following day. The brother is so happy telling us that his wife gave birth already via normal delivery. The prayers have been answered because the baby is healthy, the sister-in-law is safe and also it is a normal delivery. They have been praying for this baby for years and now here it is. The pain is worth it, according to my sister-in-law. It is worth it because the nephew is so cute.


I went to visit my nephew last Friday. I visit because the brother asked me to help them how to take the baby a bath, how to carry him properly, how to make the baby burp after feeding him and also brought some things needed by the baby. Yes, I am single and I learned those things through experiences from cousins, aunts, and watching videos online. I get to spend time with the nephew for two days and I am so happy. I missed carrying the baby in my arms, feeding the baby and bathing the baby. I so wish that they live near us so I can visit them anytime I want.

I took photos of my super cute nephew.