Helping them packing the things

This is it! The first baby of my older brother will arrive anytime this week. The wonderful blessing from Above. I visited them last week and helping the sister-in-law in packing the things need to bring in the hospital. I did it because I was asked by my other brother and I want to help as well. The sister-in-law has difficulty in moving because of the bulging tummy. I put all the things needed by the baby at the hospital and also told the brother and the sister-in-law of the things she needs to bring and buy for herself. I am supposed to be with them by now, however, because of my father’s condition, I can’t be with them. But for sure I will give time to visit them in the hospital when she gave birth.

I can see in the ultrasound that the baby boy of my brother and sister-in-law is healthy. He keeps on moving and very active inside his mother’s womb. I am so excited to see and carry the little angel too. In fact, I talked to him when I visited them last Sunday. I touch the tummy of my sister-in-law and talk to the baby. I pray that the sister-in-law and the baby are safe and the safe delivery of sister-in-law. Also, I will deliver the baby bouncer this week. It is a hand me down bouncer but still in good condition.