43rd Foundation Day


Foundation day is the day where a certain place, establishments, area, school, and the likes celebrate the beginning or founding. This is the very important event/day because it also reminiscing the past, celebrating the present and embracing the future of certain establishments or school. I must say this is the most celebrated and busiest day at school, aside from the examinations period. lol, This is also the enjoyable day of the school. There are lots of activities for the students to enjoy. One of the highlights of the event is the field demonstrations of the students in all grade level. And it is a competition, that is why everybody is doing their best, giving and showing what they got to prove to everyone that they are the best among the rest. Of course, it is a friendly competition.

Last Wednesday, the school where my nephews are studying celebrates their 43rd Foundation Day. My nephews are from Kinder and Grade Two level. I am so excited to see how my kinder nephew shows his talent in dancing.haha! It is his first time to join field demonstration and I wish him luck, well I wish the whole kinder students. I was not able to capture the nice photo of the nephew dancing because he is too far and we are not allowed to come near them. I just took photos before their performance and after.