Excited to see him dancing

Next week will be the foundation day of the school where my nephews are studying. The students will have their field demonstration and the teachers are very busy preparing and practicing the kids on their presentation. It will be one of the huge celebrations at school and I am so excited to see my nephew perform. I am excited because my nephew is a shy boy. When he was in kinder 1, he does not participate because he is so shy. He will hide behind me and cover his face with his palm every time the teacher calls him. I hope to see the less shy nephew on their field demonstration next week.

At home, my five (5) year old nephew shows us some steps that they practiced at school. I have not seen them practicing because parents are no longer allowed to stay inside the school campus on classes hours. But seeing him, dancing at home makes us happy because it shows that he is not that shy anymore. He seems like excited to perform especially when he finally see their foundation t-shirt. Good luck to the Kinder 2 students, I hope for the best and prayed that they will win on their category. And to my nephew, continue what you are doing and discovering new things to overcome your shyness. We know you can do it and we are so proud of you. Go shake your body and enjoy your presentation.