It’s a boy!

After the three miscarriages, the sister-in-law is pregnant and is due in the second week of November. My brother is so happy because they have been waiting for this wonderful gift from God for four (4) years. Finally, they will become parents later this year. We are also excited for them too. We have been praying for this. The soon to be parents are busy buying things for the baby in her fifth months of pregnancy. they are so excited for their first born. They bought all white colored clothes because they do not know the gender of the baby yet.

Two weeks ago, the sister-in-law had her ultrasound to know the gender of the baby. And they will be having a son. Yes, it is a boy and the brother is the happiest person on earth. Indeed an answered prayers. They have patiently waited and the Lord to give them the best gift ever in their life. I am so excited to meet the new member in the family, the brother and sister-in-law’s bundle of joy, the family’s new angel. Right now, they are busy preparing the things needed to bring to the hospital. We are praying that the sister-in-law will give birth normally, and prayed that both of them is fine and the baby is healthy. Can’t wait to see you baby Ryan.