Fiesta Celebration and Thanksgiving

Last Saturday was the fiesta celebration in our village. We had the simple feast at home with some invited relatives, friends and co-workers of my brother and sister-in-law. It was not just a simple fiesta for us because we are also having thanksgiving celebration for the recovery of my father. We had hard days lately because my father got really sick, we thought that he will not survive, but thank you God he is slowly recovering. Through hemodialysis, my father gets better and he can walk now, not on his own though for the meantime. Hopefully, soon he will get better. We really missed his smiling face and his jokes.

To those who came and celebrates with us thank you very much. Also, a huge thank you to all who visited my father at the hospital and at home, your presence helps a lot for my father to recover. Thank you for making my father an important person. Hopefully, he will get better and better so his life will be back to normal so that he can do what he usually does. To the relatives who come visit, thank you very much for your presence, we appreciate it a lot.

Lastly, thank you God for always with us. Thank you for watching my father over. Also, thank you for my father’s life. Give him good health and long life. Amen!