Two more months

After the two miscarriages, the brother and his will soon have their first born. The baby will see the beauty of life in two months. The long wait is over and they will finally become parents. They brother and sister-in-law visited us two days ago and told us that they will have a son. They are so excited to see their son. Thank you, God, for this blessing to the couple. This year is indeed a blessed year for us and especially to the brother and SIL. They got married last May and now they will have the baby in November. It is an answered prayer and we are so happy for them.

Since they live far from us, we cannot be there when the big day comes but we see to it to visit them when she gave birth. I just give them some suggestions to do before the day comes. Things that they need to prepare while waiting. Listing the things to bring at the hospital. Also, told the SIL to put all the things needed to bring in the hospital bag so when the day comes, they just grab the bag and go to the hospital. I pray that the SIL will have the safe delivery. Also, pray for both the SIL and the baby’s safety. See you soon little one, the new member in the family. Can’t wait to see you and carry you in my arms.