Recovering at home

My father got confined at the hospital last week. It was one of the scariest moment in our life. He was not feeling well for the past weeks. We went to the family doctor for the checkup and had several laboratories to know what is wrong with him. The family doctor then refers us to the neurologist. Another laboratories were given to us and then went back to the doctor with the results. Right then the neurologist told us the condition of our father. We’re advised to confined him at the hospital but my father refuses. The neurologist understands and told us to take laboratories and go to her clinic for updates.

Unfortunately, my father condition is getting worse. Both legs are swelling, hardly breath and chilling. We decided to bring him to the hospital because his condition is serious. My father was confined for five days. Laboratories are normal except his looping creatinine. And the father’s getting is not working well. Now, he is recovering at home and hopefully, his condition will get better after taking those medicines. I am praying to God that my father will recover soon. Also, praying to God to give my father strength and determination to go on with life even if he is having a hard time. Thank you, Lord for my father’s life and for always there for him. To my father, get well very soon. Love to see you smiling again and playing with your grandchildren.