Proud of my nephews and nieces

Recognition day is the much awaited day of all the students. This is the day where the school year ends and the students will be given awards, merits, medals and ribbons for the job well done at school. Students with high school and excel at school will be rewarded. I must say all the parents are so proud of their kids. They are the happiest people on earth because their sacrifices are recognizing through their kid’s achievements at school. Their waking up early, sending and fetching their kids at school, helping them studying their lessons, projects, and the likes are being paid off.

I am saying this because my brother and sister are one of the happiest parents because of their kids awards at school during the recognition day. Yes, my nephews and nieces finished with honors and other special recognition/ribbons for this school year. I am so proud of them because of their achievements. Unfortunately, I was not able to see them receiving their medals and ribbons during their recognition day. I want to extend my congratulation to my nephews and nieces, good job kids. Long way to go, but we know you can do it. Keep up the good works. You all make us all proud. Congratulations!!!