Lunch date with my sister

It has been a long time since the last time my sister and I have our moments together. Since she got married, we do not have the time to go out just the two of us. I so missed having the time again when the sister and I have our bonding together because she has a family and the kids are her priorities. I understand that the sister busy with work and her family. We do have our bonding but with kids, so we do not have time to talk and share my thoughts and feelings. Oh well, just girly things.

Two weeks ago, my sister and I have our lunch date. We have our bonding without the kids. I am so happy that my sister gave time to be with me. We talked a lot as if we have not seen each other for years, knowing that we are neighbors.haha! My sister treated me to lunch at the expensive restaurant. It was very memorable for us because it was the first time that we dine in the expensive restaurant. We ordered foods that we rarely eat. After lunch, we went shopping a bit and then visiting our mother at the cemetery. It was indeed another memorable event in my life with my dear sister. Hopefully, we get to bond again. Thank you, sister, for the time and the treat. Love you much!