Bonding with my childhood friends

Friendship is a treasure that you should take good care of for once it’s broken, it is very difficult to fix. True friends are the gem and hard to find. A gem that brings colors to our life because of the memories you’ve shared. And indeed we should value them for they will always be there through good times and bad times. I am saying this because my childhood friends and I have our bonding moments after three years. Three long years but our communication through social media is always there. We have the chance to talk and makes our friendship stronger even if we have not seen each other for years.

Last Saturday, our first bonding after three years happens. It was fun and memorable because we talked a lot and reminiscing our memories when we were still young. Indeed, our past childhood memories are worth to look back. We spend the day talking, laughing, eating and shopping. Things that we missed to do. We are catching things up and I like it. It is really nice to spend time with friends and make new memories. Also, our bonding was a welcome back party to Ana who work overseas for two years. It is nice to see her again and see the fruits of her sacrifices working abroad. Thanks for the treat Ana, God bless you more and may God bless our friendship. Cheers to us Mary Chris, Ana, and I.