Short visit in Bohol

My father got a call from his cousin that the second payment of the land that’s been sold is already given. He was told that he can get his share anytime. Last time, his share was deposited in the bank, but this time, the father wanted to get his share personally because he wants to clear some issues, and also to visit the graves of his parents, brothers and other relatives. Like the usual, my brother and I go with him. My father is too old to travel alone. It was an abrupt plan but it went very well.

We stayed in Bohol for five days. A very short visit to our relatives and it is very memorable because we talked many things to our relatives there. Also, we were able to settle some issues regarding the share of the land that my late mother got from her parents. I am so glad that because of the DAVRAA, some schools in Davao does not the class for two weeks. That is why I do not have to worry about my nieces and nephews because their mother is around. I did have a good time in Bohol, I was able to rest a lot, have quiet moments at my grandparent’s place and went to the white sand beach. Ended, life in the province is relaxing and calm. I hope to visit Bohol again soon, but not a short one.