Efforts Rewarded

Every reading of honors and viewing of report cards, we always hope that the nephew will be part of the top 10 and have a nice grade. For the past two gradings, the nephew was not able to be part of the top 10, though he has nice grades, just that it is not enough to be awarded as one of the academic excellence awards. But we are not losing our hope and continue praying that the nephew will get this award before the school year ends. We challenge the nephew that if he will get high grades and make it to the top 10, we will grant his wish.

It was a good challenge I must say because the nephew made it to the top 10. I am so happy when I fetch him at school this afternoon, he showed to me his Academic Excellence Award. I am the happiest aunt indeed. Our effort was rewarded especially his mom who patiently helping him in studying his lessons and doing the school assignments. The mother (my sister) is so happy seeing the award that her firstborn got on third grading period. This is the first ever award that the nephew got this school year and praying that he will be part again of the top 10 on the fourth grading period. Congratulations JC, you make us all proud. Keep up the good works. It is a long way to go, nephew, continue doing good at school.