Andrei’s 5th Birthday

Indeed, time flies very fast. My nephew turns five years old. We had the simple celebration at their school with his classmates. He is so happy sharing the foods and the cake with his classmates. He knew that it is his special day because he keeps on saying that it is his birthday. Like the usual, his parents take a day off from work to spend time with him on his special day. We also have simple dinner feast at home with some invited friends and co-worker of his father. We decided not to have children’s party because of the tight budget. We just bought two cakes for him. One of his classmates and teachers to share and the other one is at home.

The celebration was nice. All the invited individual was able to come to celebrate with us. And as, usual, yours truly and my older brother were hired as cooks. Even though there is no children’s party my nephew’s day was still complete because of the cake and he blew a candle. To him, it will never be the happy birthday without the cake.haha! Well, kids are kids. A cake is the center of the attraction during birthday celebrations. I thank everyone for coming and wishing the nephew a very happy birthday. My wish to the nephew is that he will have good health, be a good boy, do well at school, be God- fearing person, and hope that he will pass the entrance examination at the school where his older brother is studying. I wish him good luck. God bless Andrei, we all love you very much!