January…my birth month

This month is my birth month. I will turn one year older this month. I am happy and thankful for another year of my life Lord. Thank you for the gift of life and family. There is nothing more I could ask for having a loving and supportive family. I have wished for m birthday. I wish of a good health, more blessings, and hopefully a love life this year. It is my greatest dream to walk down the aisle with the man who loves me and I love. I hope and pray to meet the man who is God’s gift to me.

Anyways, I do not have bigger plans on my special day. I am not used to having the extra special celebration since I am young. I will just to go the church, thank God for everything and for my life and then will have simple dinner at home with the family. Hopefully, my two bothers could come and celebrate with me. I am not expecting them to come because they are so busy with work and business. But, if they could come, I will be the happiest person in the world and my birthday would be very special and treasured because we are complete. Lastly, I pray that all my wishes will be answered by God.