Thanks for the presents

I meet this woman online when I started my blogging career. We both are the member of a particular group on Facebook. Never would I imagine that our friendship will grow like this because we have not seen each other yet personally. But as they say, same feather flocks together, that is why our friendship lasted longer than I expected. We communicate through social media. We call each other sis,(short for sister). I call her sis J, she is from the Philippines but now living in the US because she married a man from New York. That’s where our friendship started.

The last time she had her vacation in the Philippines, she gave me stuffed toys and chocolates. She is indeed a very thoughtful friend. A friend that you will surely treasure. I am so happy to meet someone like her. This year, she came back again for Christmas vacation. And got the unexpected present from her. I am surprised and happy knowing that she thought of giving me those wonderful presents. Along with this post is the image of the presents she gave me, minus the chocolates because my nephews and nieces are too fast eating it. The kids are so happy as well. Thank you so much, sis J for the presents. May God bless you and your family more. God bless your trip back to the US.