Entertained by magician and clowns

Last November 12, 2017, we celebrated the 4th birthday of my son. It is a bit extravagant because they were not able to celebrate their son’s 3rd birthday because he was confined in the hospital. The nephew’s 4th birthday is also a thanksgiving for his good health for this year. Because the birthday boy loves to swim, they decided to have a pool party. And of course, the kids love the idea and so excited. It was a two-hour travel from our city, but it is worth it because the kids really wanted to swim.

What makes the pool party enjoyable is that the kids, as well as the adults, were entertained by magicians and clowns. I personally have not experienced this kind of party yet, and I am excited too. I wanted to see with my own two eyes the tricks that the magician will do. Also, likes to see how the clowns catch the attention of the kids to go out from the water and see their performance. It was a nice party I must say. I can get an idea how to designs balloons, and other decorations. It was a fun party and I thank my brother and sister in law for inviting us. Our long travel was indeed worth it.