Three days vacation in the province

One thing that I so missed to do lately is to travel. It is my way of unwinding and enjoying my life while still single. Gone are the days when I used to travel in some areas of the country (Philippines). But I am hoping to go travel soon if given a chance. It was an answered prayer I must say because two weeks ago, I was invited by my sister to go with them in the province of her in-laws. I am so happy because I need to go somewhere outside the busy city to unwind and feel the beauty of nature. And the province that we are going is a nice place. I could relax more and have my time. I need some time to be by myself and worrying nothing but myself only.

The three days short vacation was fun even if it is raining. I can say fun because I like listening to the sound of the rain, it is so relaxing to me. And because the province is celebrating the annual fiesta, there are activities in the park, church, street and covered court. Though I was not able to see all the activities because of the bad weather, I am still happy because I get to experience the fiesta celebration in their province and of course the sumptuous foods. It was a nice experience after all. I am relaxed and unwind and ready to go back to the busy city. Thank God for the opportunity.