Will start his tutorial soon

The entrance examination for kinder 2 at the school where the sisters firstborn is studying is this January. My sister is planning to enroll her second son to the same school because the school has a good reputation. It has the high standard of teaching. If you want to enroll your child in this school, the child should be passed the entrance examination. There are many examiners every year and they only get 120 children who passed the examination. The sister wanted her second son to be in this school that is why she enrolled him at the learning where there are few students.

So far, the nephew shows improvements but not enough. He can write his name already but not fast, and he needs to know how to read basic words. For the nephew to have the high percentage of passing the entrance examination, we decided to enroll the nephew in tutorial class. The nephew is now enrolled and will start his tutorial class next week. We already told the teacher our concern so she will know where to focus on teaching the nephew. Hopefully, this will be helpful for the nephew to pass the entrance examination. I wish the nephew the best of luck!