She is living her dream

Back when I was in college, our group feasibility study and the business plan we presented is a bakery business. To us, it is the perfect business to put up to business we Filipinos loves to eat bread. It is one of the profitable and good business to put up. It was our goal in finishing the business related course we took, to have our own business in the future. It is not easy because it needs a huge capital to start the business, but who knows it will come true in the near future. We are crossing our fingers though.

When I graduated, my friends proceed to master’s course, and some landed into office works in a company. Our communication continues and we are still talking about the business plan back in college. For me, it will take some time in pursuing it for financial reasons. Just recently, a friend of mine who is the leader of our group in college put up her own business and it is a bakery business. She has just started it and doing well. I am so happy for her because she is living her dream and pursuing our business plan. I envy her because she is living her dream but so happy for her. I hope that I can do that too. How? I do not know yet for I do not have the capital needed. Hopefully one day with God’s will.