The first examination result went well

The first examination of my four-year-old nephew is very stressful. The pointers are very long and we are having the difficult time teaching him because he is very playful, does not listening to us and keeps on moving here and there. He gets easily distracted with noise and kids playing outside. Though we are not pressuring him because he is just started, it is right to study his lessons so he can answer their test papers correctly. The examination took two days and two subjects per day. We are giving him activities during our study sessions and he likes doing it. He is cooperating doing his activities.

The result was given to us last Monday. We are not expecting for good results because the nephew is very slow in memorizing the lessons and easily forgets what we studied. But we are glad to see the results of his first grading examination he gets high scores. I must say it went very well. He got the perfect score in one of the subjects and I am so proud of the nephew. It is a long way to go and I hope the nephew will continue doing good so he will be ready for Kinder 2 next year. Hopefully, he will pass the entrance examination for Kinder 2 next school year.