Well rested for the long weekend

I have wished to have more time to sleep, rest and relax even for just a day. I really feel the need to have time to just lay down and doing nothing. I must admit I get so tired taking care of the kids, sending and fetching the nephews at school and at the same time babysitting my nine months old nephew. It is not an easy job, and I do not complain at all because I love being with them and they are family. Just that sometimes I feel exhausted. We do feel that at times, right? And I am glad that my wish granted.

Yes, my wish granted because of the long weekend break due to Kadayawan festival. I have four days to relax, sleep more and wake up late. I am so glad because I feel refresh and savoring this long weekend. I do help my older sister watching the kids, but most of the time I rest and sleep. Today is the last day of my long weekend break. Tomorrow is another day of busy day. I took the chance to update my blogs. I really felt guilty for not updating my blogs for days. I promised to update it regularly but failed to do so. Thanks to this long weekend, I able to clean my room, update my blogs, and most importantly I rested well, and have enough sleep.