Teaching her how to do the laundry

I have started teaching them doing the household chores when they are nine and ten years old. Because I want them to become a responsible human being at the early age. The same thing my late mother told us when we are young. I felt sad before because I felt I am depriving of being a child, but looking at of what I am now, I am forever thankful to my mother. May she rest peacefully. I have taught them doing the dishes, cleaning the house, cleaning clutter and cooking rice. So far, they are doing well of the chores assigned to them. Though I still need to supervise them to avoid mistakes and for them to finish the task/s fast.

Their parents are both working and do not have time to teach their kids. As I am their aunt, I will do the teaching on their behalf. The nieces are now ages 12 and 14, right ages for them to know how to do the laundry. I started teaching them last week. I must show to them from segregating clothes, and so on. And yes, the girls are complaining, saying it is so tiring plus the loaded of dirty clothes.LOL! I understand them because I did the same when I was taught on doing the laundry. We are on our two weeks of laundry lesson, and I am hearing fewer complaints now. Thank God! Hopefully, on our third week, they can do it on their own. Good luck girls.