Congratulations and best wishes

Last Sunday, I was invited to the wedding of my friend. I am happy because I will get to see her and our other friends. It has been four months since the last time we see each other. Though we communicate each other regularly through social media or sending the message on phone. But still, it is best to see each other, talking and laughing. When we are together we laugh a lot. The thing that I missed a lot. It was an abrupt invitation, luckily, we are all free on that day. We do not want to miss this once in a lifetime moment of our friend.

The reception is at the house of the newlyweds. It was a simple celebration, the typical celebration in the province and it is nice. Indeed, simple wedding is very comfortable it is like you are in your home. And memorable because of the guests and visitors who came to celebrate with the couple. It was an abrupt wedding and time is limited but in all fairness, it went well. After the wedding, they will proceed with their application for Japan. That is why they plan the wedding in a short time. Hopefully, their plans will fall into places and their plans to go and work in Japan will come true soon. Again, congratulations and best wishes to my friend and her husband.