Wishing them all good health

July is the most celebrated month in the family. It is because five members of the family are celebrating their birthday. Before we usually celebrate it all at once during the birthday of my niece. It is just a simple celebration like having dinner at home cooking the family’s favorite, and of course with cake and ice cream to make the celebration complete. This event is very memorable because the family is complete. It is just a simple celebration but it is special because of the presence of the very member in the family. And that is the most important thing for us.

This year the celebration is a bit different because we celebrated it separately. The SIL who celebrated her birthday last July 12, opted to celebrate it with her family in the province, we are invited to come but it is far plus it is the school day. We just greeted her a very happy birthday. My older brother whose birthday is on July 16, is busy so we decided to visit him in the city next to ours. We had simple lunch and lots of chit-chats. The nephew and niece whose birthday is on July 18 and 22, have their simple birthday bash at home with the family. The last celebrant is the SIL, wife of my older brother. There are no plans yet, I guess we will have simple dinner at home too. Hopefully and younger brother with his wife and kid will come visit as they promised. Anyways, to all the celebrant, happiest birthday to all of you and I wish you all good health and happiness in life always. God bless you all!