Happy to get stars from the teacher

After two months of being at the learning center, we are happy that the nephew is really showing improvements. The teacher really taking good care of my nephew’s needs. He is listening to the teacher, studying her lessons and loves to write a lot. He writes and participates during the class because he likes getting stars from the teacher for the job well done. It is a good decision to enrolled him at the learning center that is less crowded because the teacher can focus on the kids with special needs. They give lessons one-by-one for the kids to understand the lessons very well. I am hoping that at the end of the school year, the nephew will be so ready to take up entrance examination for kinder 2.

We do not have any idea of the nephew’s performance inside the classroom because his father will just drop him off to school before going to work, and I will just fetch him at dismissal time. Though the teacher told me that the nephew is doing well, I still have some doubts. Maybe the sister just told me positive things for us to not get worried. But I have proved that the nephew is listening attentively and take part during the class. I saw a less shy nephew I must say. I am happy for him. Keep up the good works nephew.