Back to online chores

Being sick is not in my vocabulary because it makes me weak and no one will take good care of my nephews and niece. And I cannot do my online stuff and blogging chores. Unfortunately, I had the flu and was in bed for four days. I felt so tired and can’t move my body. I took medicines that my sister gave me but it does not help at all. I guess I need time to rest. Just lay down, sleep more and stop doing house chores. I felt sorry for my sister because I was not able to help her with the kids for I felt so weak. I promised to update my blogs regularly this month but was not able to do so because my body is asking me to get some rest.

After resting and have enough sleep, I am good now and felt better. I am done with my loads of laundry too. And I am back to online chores. Thank God, that I am better now. Indeed, when we are so tired, it is right to get some rest because our body needs it. We are the driver of our body, let’s not overuse it. We only have one body so we must take good care of it. For there is no replacement when our body becomes weak and not in good condition. When we need to rest we must rest. Now that I felt better, I hope to get my online chores done and will update my blogs regularly. Giving my readers and visitors new post as much as possible.